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Abbey Decorations

Apr 2011

Members of National Association of Flower Arranging Societies are busy preparing flowers in Westminster Abbey for Friday’s Royal Wedding.

Workers put in place an English field maple tree in Westminster Abbey in London in preparation for the Royal Wedding – the tree, which weighs more than half a ton and is 18 years old, will be part of an avenue of trees, which will line the aisle leading to the altar

The Abbey will be decorated in white, green and cream foliage to reflect the bride’s English country style.


Almost 30,000 flowers will adorn the Abbey on Friday, including lilac blossoms and azaleas.  Many of the flowers and green cuttings will come from the Royal Estates of Sandringham and Windsor.


Native English field maple trees and hornbeams have been placed down the aisle to create an avenue of trees in the historic Abbey.



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