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Will and Kate in Malaysia

Sep 2012

Duchess made her first official speech abroad outside the hospice. Kate spoke of how she had learned the importance of the care provided by being a patron for hospices in East Anglia.

Catherine said, “”Providing children and their families with a place of support, care and enhancement at a time of great need is simply life changing,” she said.

The duchess offered birthday wishes to Zakwan Anuar, who had turned 15 two days earlier

“With effective palliative care lives can be transformed. Treatment, support, care and advice can provide a lifeline to families at a time of great need.

“This is a very special place and so much has already been achieved”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a guided tour of the Children’s Hospice, where they met with staff and patients.

Kate sat with 15-year old Zakwan Anwar, is a Leukaemia sufferer who goes through pain every day, yet the young boy turned down his blood transfusion in order to meet with the future Queen.  She also gave birthday wishes and signed his birthday card; Zakwan had turned 15 two days earlier.

Later on the Duchess of Cambridge admitted that she was ‘nervous’ as she spoke to the Queen of Malaysia.

The Malaysian Queen said the Kate had said to her, ‘I was so nervous and I am very glad that it is over with. There was an amazing atmosphere.

Kate and Will dined with the Royal family of Malaysia and other people who play an important role in Malaysia. The Duchess wore an embroidered white Alexander McQueen floor length gown, which featured the Malaysian flower Hibiscus in gold detail.

The Duke and Duchess were handed some beautiful gifts when they attended the dinner. Prince William received a gold encrusted Malay warriors sword, also known as a kris. His wife was given some black lace peep toe shoes made by Malaysian designer Lewre, a Batik dress as well as a glittering diamante clutch.

The Royal couple have a lot of Royal engagements to attend during their Diamond Jubilee tour including visiting a Mosque, holding a tea party and making many speeches.

Asia Diamond Jubilee tour schedule;

  • Singapore 11th – 13th
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpar and Sabah, Borneo) 13th – 15th
  • The Solomon Islands 16th – 18th
  • Tuvalu 18th – 19th


Royal couples first day of Asia tour

Sep 2012

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge began their nine day tour of South East Asia in the Botanical Gardens, marking Queen Elizabeth’s  Diamond Jubilee. Planted there is the Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana – Kate and William also received the same privilege by having a pink and white hybrid orchid named after them.

Princess Diana was extremely excited when she was told she had the exotic flower named after her. However two weeks after she vowed to see it, she was sadly killed in a car crash.

After 15 years the orchid finally got a royal approval from her eldest son William. Prince William said repeatedly, ‘it’s beautiful.. it’s beautiful’ as he stood by the 3ft plant. Kate and Williams plant will join Princess Diana’s in the VIP area of the gardens.

The Vanda William Catherine, a pick and white hybrid orchid, was specially designed to honour the Royal Couples marriage. The Duke and Duchess both signed a certificate to formally name the plant.

During the trip to the Botanical Gardens the Duchess of Cambridge wore a beautiful kimono-styled light pink dress by Jenny Packham, which situated an orchid pattern.

After their visit to the gardens, Will and Kate were taken to Raffles Hotel where they plan to stay throughout their three nights in Singapore. On arrival, Kate received a bunch of orchids by Lynn Choy, daughter of Mrs Annie Choy, the hotel’s director of marketing.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, principal private secretary and equerry to the Duke and Duchess said: “The Duke and Duchess will use the tour to pay tribute – through what they do and say and who they meet – to the Queen’s lifetime and dedication to the mix of peoples and cultures that make up all of Her Majesty’s realms and the Commonwealth.  The tour will comprise a mixture of formal and informal moments which reflect these aims and Duke and Duchess’s characters and interests.”

The Royal Couple are presenting the Queen on her nine day Diamond Jubilee Tour to South East Asia.

Asia Diamond Jubilee tour schedule;

  • Singapore 11th – 13th
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpar and Sabah, Borneo) 13th – 15th
  • The Solomon Islands 16th – 18th
  • Tuvalu 18th – 19th


Will and Kates tour of Asia

Aug 2012

Prince William and Princess Kate will miss the end of the Paralympics due to a very important tour. The Royal Couple will go on the nine day Diamond Jubilee tour in September, as they represent the Queen for the first time. They will be the first Royals to visit the South Pacific Islands of Tuvalu since the Queen and Prince Philip in 1982.

At a Diamond Jubilee thanksgiving service, William and Kate spoke to the Solomon Islands’ Governor General Sir Frank Kabuli and Prince William said, ‘We’re extremely excited, both of us have never been anywhere near there’.

William and Kate witness the amazing tropical beauty of the South Asian Islands as well as visiting the world’s oldest rainforest as part of their Diamond Jubilee tour.

When they stop in Sabah, Borneo, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be able to witness some of the rarest and exotic plants and creatures on the plant, such as the endangered Bornean Orangutan.

Kate is also offering two lucky people the chance to have tea with her. The Duchess is running The Ultimate Royal Tea Party Competition in Malaysia. To win a chance for some private time with Kate, entrants must send in a picture of them drinking a cup of tea; the two most creative pictures will win.

Asia Diamond Jubilee tour schedule;

  • Singapore 11th – 13th
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpar and Sabah, Borneo) 13th – 15th
  • The Solomon Islands 16th – 18th
  • Tuvalu 18th – 19th

More details on the tour will be released soon.

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Kate Middleton attends Olympic Games Expedition

Jul 2012

Kate Middleton, dressed in a royal blue dress arrived at the Olympic Games Expedition at London’s National Portrait Gallery to attend the Road in 2012: Aiming High expedition.

The Expedition showed world-class Olympic and Paralympic athletes and those who also work behind the team.

In the expedition pictures showing the Taekwondo fighting, men’s rowing team and the London Lord Mayor Boris Johnson. Kate also saw a picture of herself at the TeamGB training ground, playing with the Hockey Team.

With Kate being the Ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic Games, TeamGB and ParalympicsGB it was no surprise that she attended the expedition. Kate is also known as a great sports woman as well as a ‘keen’ photographer.

Kate wore a royal blue Stella McCartney dress, with black heels. She was also wearing a gold necklace worth a whopping £49,000. Despite the gold necklace sporting 5 gold hoops, a St James spokesman simply said, ‘It is a personal piece she has had for some time. It is not an official Olympic item but it’s appropriate to wear it.’

Kate has played a major role in attending charities and engagements, representing the Royal Family. The Duchess of Cambridge has taken on her royal role with open arms since she married Prince William in April 2011, making her the heir to the throne.

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Kate must curtsey

Jul 2012

Since the Royal Wedding last year the Queen has updated the royal family’s order of protocol. Our future Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge, must curtsey before blood princesses when her husband Prince William is not present.

The protocol is said to of been privately circulated within the royal household and must be adhered to by our favourite Duchess. According to the newly updated document Kate Middleton must curtsey to the Princess Royal, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the daughters of the Duke of York and also to Princess Alexandra, when she is not with Prince William. However, when Prince William is present she still must bow to the Queen, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cornwall.

To avoid issues, the Queen originally wrote up the first Order of Precedence in 2005, after Charles married commoner Camilla. It was written so that the Princesses Anne, Beatrice, Eugenie and Alexandra were all ahead of Camilla. The new Order of Precedent is the official paper listing the rankings of the members of the royal family.

The new Windsor protocol stated Kate Middleton’s position on the list, as she is a former commoner , that she must show reverence by curtseying to royal born in public and private when her husband is not present.

On the other hand, the Countess of Wessex must still curtsey to the Duchess of Cambridge. Sophie, married to Prince Edward, was once the highest ranking female in the Royal Family, as a result of neither of the Queens other sons Prince Charles and Prince Andrew being married. Since Charles and Camilla married, Sophie has been pushed down the list once again.

After Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005, Sophie was told she must curtsey to the Duchess of Cornwall. However, with the new Order of Precedent, the Countess of Wessex is now also expected to curtsey to the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William, according to sources, is believed that is not pleased with the new announcement about his future Queen.

However many sources believe that the protocol causes no concern for Kate Middleton as everyone is aware, Kate is eager to please everyone, particularly The Queen.


Online Store – Now Open

May 2012

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A website originally created to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, The Royal Online Store in April 2011 has added a new look online store to meet the demands of its global audience.

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The website’s popular on-line store has been re-branded as ‘The Royal Online Store’ and is now stocked with a wider range of best-selling Royal-themed products including The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as well as The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

The site’s news and features section has been broadened to provide a new emphasis on the British Royal Family.  It will cover key events and other significant milestones surrounding the British Monarchy, in addition to the regular news about the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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The founder of the website, Simon Wadsworth comments:

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The website was established in November 2010 as an ‘unofficial sponsor’ and supporter of The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  It is the highest ranking commercial web site in Google for all the major traffic terms related to the ‘Royal Wedding’ and experiences on average around 2,000 visitors a day.

The website has attracted visitors from 178 countries across the globe, and peak traffic levels in the region of 100,000 unique visitors per day.  The site experienced more than three million visitors over the weekend of the Royal Wedding in April 2011.

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Kate’s Honorary Patronages

Apr 2012

As part of her Royal Duties, Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has accepted responsibility for four honorary charity patronages in sectors that include health, addiction, the arts and the development of children and young people.

Catherine’s patronages, which were announced in January 2012, include Action on Addiction, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), The Art Room and the National Portrait Gallery in London.  The Duchess will also volunteer for the Scout Association.

The Duchess has selected organisations that complement the work of her husband Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and which reflect those causes closest to her heart.

Action on Addiction operates nationally and has a number of centres throughout England.   The organisation provides help to individuals suffering from addiction, and offers support to their families.  The charity is also responsible for delivering education to professionals involved in the treatment and prevention of addiction.  Catherine Middleton is now officially a Patron of the organisation.

The EACH organisation has hospices in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.   The charity provides care and support to children and young people suffering from life-threatening conditions, and offers support to their families.  Catherine Middleton is now officially a Royal Patron of the organisation.

The Art Room is a charity working in Oxford and London.  The organisation aims to help children with emotional and behavioural difficulties to increase their self-esteem and communication abilities through art.  Young people suffering from illnesses such as Asperger’s syndrome are amongst those who are helped by the project.  Catherine Middleton is now officially a Royal Patron of the organisation.

The National Portrait Gallery is located in central London and is recognised as housing one of the most important collections in the world.  Catherine Middleton is the Honorary Patron.

The Scout Association provides personal development opportunities for young people across the UK.  Catherine joins the 100,000 active volunteers involved in the organisation.  The Queen is the Patron of the Scout Association.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a patron of The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry since September 2011.  The Princes’ foundation, which received charitable status in 2009, focuses mainly on young people, sustainable development and the Armed Forces.

Image: The Duchess of Cambridge during a visit to Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool on Tuesday 14 February 2012. Photo credit: Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo/PA Wire


Goring’s Diamond Jubilee Offer

Apr 2012

The London hotel where Kate Middleton spent her last night as a single woman, and as a commoner, has announced an exclusive Queen’s Diamond Jubilee holiday offer, including an amazing £1 million package to stay in the Royal Suite.

The Goring Hotel, situated just behind Buckingham Palace, is the ideal location for anyone craving ‘ring-side’ seats at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee official celebrations in June 2012.

The exclusive holiday package, which is available between Saturday 2 June and Tuesday 5 June 2012, is offering a range of two and four-night stays starting at £1,900 for two nights in a ‘Delightful King Room’.

The hotel is also reputed to be selling a four-night stay in the suite where Kate Middleton stayed before her wedding to Prince William, for a staggering £1 million.  This incredible offer apparently includes, amongst other luxuries and frivolities, a champagne reception on arrival, a horse-and-carriage ride along The Queen’s coronation route, and a diamond ring from De Beers.

Anyone booking a stay at The Goring during The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will benefit from a range of Royal-related incentives.

Guests will have the advantage of being introduced to a number of Royal Warrant Holders including Garrards – the Royal Jewellers; Swaine Adeney and Brigg – suppliers of fine leather goods to the Royal Family; and Rigby and Peller – Royal Warrant Holder for undergarments.

In addition, tickets to Royal attractions such as Kensington Palace, the Royal Mews, The Queen’s Gallery and The Ceremony of The Keys at The Tower of London, will be available to guests..

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Image: The Duchess of Cambridge leaves Clarence House to travel to Buckingham Palace for the evening celebrations following her wedding to Prince William earlier.


Prince Harry Moves In

Mar 2012

It has been revealed that Prince Harry is now living at Kensington Palace with Kate and Wills.

Soon after his return from his very successful Royal Tour, Prince Harry had packed his bags once again and moved from his father’s home at Clarence House, into a small one bedroom apartment at Kensington Palace.

Harry is now living next door to the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whom currently reside in Nottingham Cottage, situated within the stunning Kensington Palace complex.

In the longer term, William and Kate plan to move into another Kensington Palace apartment – previously home to the late Princess Margaret.  Their new home will become the couple’s official London residence, and will leave Nottingham Cottage free for Prince Harry to move into.

It is well known that three Royals get on famously and it has been said that Catherine is like a ‘sister’ to Harry.  All three of them are working together as Olympic Ambassadors, as well as being involved in the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Now that he is back from his Royal Tour, Prince Harry will concentrate once again on his military career.  It is anticipated that he will be redeployed to Afghanistan later in 2012 as an Apache attack helicopter pilot.

Prince William, who is very recently returned from six weeks in The Falkland Islands, where he was working with the RAF Search and Rescue crew in the South Atlantic, was reunited with Catherine in Oxfordshire, before the couple left for Kensington Palace.

Kate and William will soon return to their home in North Wales, where William will resume his duties at RAF Valley in Angelsey.

Image: Prince Harry during a visit to RAF Honington, in Suffolk in February 2012. Photo credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire


The Kate Middleton Effect

Feb 2012

Fashion houses and high street retailers alike are reaping the rewards of the so called ‘Kate Middleton Effect’.

The Duchess, who is listed on the ‘Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List’, is attracting a serious following when it comes to copy-cat fashion.

Ever since Kate caught the eye of the Prince at a University charity fashion show, when she famously modelled that ‘see-through’ dress, which later sold at auction for a remarkable £78,000, whatever Kate wears sells.

Whether it’s a Burberry trench coat, an Issa Dress or an outfit from Reiss … Kate has a magical influence on sales.

Only last week the bird-print ‘Orla Kiely’ dress that Kate wore on a visit to Oxford, sold out in minutes, and on Valentine’s Day, stocks of the half-price coat from ‘Hobbs’ that Kate wore while visiting charities in Liverpool were soon depleted.

But it’s not just the fashion houses that are benefitting from whatever Kate wears.  The public in general is learning a lesson-or-two from The Duchess of Cambridge about recycling their wardrobes.

Followers of Kate’s fashion will have no doubt soon discovered that the black polo-neck jumper dress from high street store ‘Oasis’ that The Duchess wore underneath her ‘Hobbs’ coat this month, was from a past, past-season and no longer available in the stores.

Whether Kate is determined to set an example of ‘thrift’ or sustainability when it comes to clothes, or whether she deliberately dresses down on occasions, so that the purpose of her work is not overshadowed, we cannot be sure … but whatever the message Kate Middleton is winning admirers the world over.

Image: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at a charity event for Absolute Return for Kids, ARK, in London, on 9 June 2011. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)


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