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Letters from Buckingham Palace

Jan 2011

Over the years Buckingham Palace has sent many heart warming messages, in response to letters sent to them by their loyal followers.

Two such messages were written in response to letters sent by a Mr Nicholas Pegues.

When his uncle was sick, Mr Pegues wrote to Buckingham Palace, and more recently he wrote asking if he and his mother could attend Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding.

Buckingham Palace sent the following responses below.

Interestingly, in response to the Royal Wedding attendance request, Buckingham Palace informed Mr Pegues that “a ballot may be held and successful applicants would be written to in due course”.

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Kates Hometown

Nov 2010

kates home town
Kate Middleton, the soon to be queen in waiting, was raised in the small village of  Bucklebury, that is about 45 miles west of London


Queen Catherine

Nov 2010

The wife of a British king is automatically a queen so one day Kate Middleton will become the Englands sixth Queen Catherine