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How to Plan a Royal Wedding Street Party

Jan 2011

Get to know your neighbours by inviting them to your street party.  Order invitations and deliver the invitations personally to each neighbour.

  • Get together with your neighbours and plan the street party, don’t try and organise it yourself there may be too much to do.
  • Research where it is best to hold the street party.  Street parties need permission from your local authority, so give yourself plenty of time to arrange this.
  • If a street party is not feasible think about holding a party in your garden, at your neighbour’s house, or on your driveway – be imaginative!
  • Share the responsibility of providing food between your neighbours – decide if you want a hot or cold buffet.
  • Ask neighbours to bring additional tables and chairs.
  • Organise different activities for all ages, for example face painting for the children and bingo for the adults.
  • How and where are you going to watch the wedding?
  • Will a TV be brought into the street or will you watch the wedding in someone house?
  • Take out street party insurance just in case an unexpected accident happens. Pin point any hazards and try to tackle them beforehand. Click here for Royal Wedding Merchandise
  • Visit your neighbours before the big day and run your plans past them.

Big day

  • Put all your Royal Wedding decorations up in the morning with plenty of time to spare before the wedding broadcasting. Click here for Royal Wedding Merchandise
  • Have an alarm set for the Royal Wedding ceremony so you don’t miss the wedding.
  • Enjoy the street party and hope for good British weather!



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