All you need to know about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge

Inspiration from the Queen

Dec 2010

Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking inspiration from the Queen’s wedding in 1947. The couple want their wedding to be less of a state occasion and more traditional.

Their wedding will reflect the current economic situation and the nation’s mood a similarity shared by Prince William’s grandparents wedding 1947. In 1947 the wedding fund was non existing and the tax payers only paid for the decorations in Whitehall and outside the palace, Will and Kate acknowledge the similar situation and want to keep the taxpayers’ expense to a minimum.

If heads of states are invited, it will be because they are friends of the family. Kate and William are more use to seeing their friends marry in country churches and having a traditional intimate experience, Will and Kate are determine to create a similar atmosphere.

The wedding is held at Westminster Abbey 29th April.



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