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Kate Middleton attends Olympic Games Expedition

Jul 2012

Kate Middleton, dressed in a royal blue dress arrived at the Olympic Games Expedition at London’s National Portrait Gallery to attend the Road in 2012: Aiming High expedition.

The Expedition showed world-class Olympic and Paralympic athletes and those who also work behind the team.

In the expedition pictures showing the Taekwondo fighting, men’s rowing team and the London Lord Mayor Boris Johnson. Kate also saw a picture of herself at the TeamGB training ground, playing with the Hockey Team.

With Kate being the Ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic Games, TeamGB and ParalympicsGB it was no surprise that she attended the expedition. Kate is also known as a great sports woman as well as a ‘keen’ photographer.

Kate wore a royal blue Stella McCartney dress, with black heels. She was also wearing a gold necklace worth a whopping £49,000. Despite the gold necklace sporting 5 gold hoops, a St James spokesman simply said, ‘It is a personal piece she has had for some time. It is not an official Olympic item but it’s appropriate to wear it.’

Kate has played a major role in attending charities and engagements, representing the Royal Family. The Duchess of Cambridge has taken on her royal role with open arms since she married Prince William in April 2011, making her the heir to the throne.

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