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Kate Middleton Fashion Update

Apr 2013

Kate Middleton’s joining of the royal family brought with it a significant increase in donations to the charity of Prince William and Prince Harry. The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has now trademarked a wide range of its goods and services. There were rumours that this would involve a Kate Middleton- inspired clothing line, however, they have now been dispelled.

Luxe Models has always been a fan of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe, and it would seem that we’re not the only ones. Kate has now topped a poll for the most desirable wardrobe in the UK! What a title to have earned. In winning this title Kate Middleton beat many high profile women such as Cheryl Cole, Taylor Swift and Rihanna; you’re playing with the big girls, now, Kate!

Of course Kate’s wardrobe oozes class. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her ability to make an item of clothing sell out in seconds.

In other news, Kate has been dressing her baby bump in some divine outfits, which is make us, here at Luxe Models, London, come over all broody! Recently, in Scotland, Kate Middleton was photographed wearing a red Versace coat, Strathearn Tartan silk scarf and black Cornelia James gloves.

So, Kate Middleton continues to wow us, here at Luxe Models, with her royal style. We can’t wait to see how she continues to dress her baby bump as it grows.

A deserving winner of the Panasonic’s Lumix XS1 camera poll, we are pleased that the country can watch on as Kate continues to step out in utmost style and utmost grace.

A Kate Middleton fashion update brought to you by Luxe Models UK.



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