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Kate must curtsey

Jul 2012

Since the Royal Wedding last year the Queen has updated the royal family’s order of protocol. Our future Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge, must curtsey before blood princesses when her husband Prince William is not present.

The protocol is said to of been privately circulated within the royal household and must be adhered to by our favourite Duchess. According to the newly updated document Kate Middleton must curtsey to the Princess Royal, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the daughters of the Duke of York and also to Princess Alexandra, when she is not with Prince William. However, when Prince William is present she still must bow to the Queen, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cornwall.

To avoid issues, the Queen originally wrote up the first Order of Precedence in 2005, after Charles married commoner Camilla. It was written so that the Princesses Anne, Beatrice, Eugenie and Alexandra were all ahead of Camilla. The new Order of Precedent is the official paper listing the rankings of the members of the royal family.

The new Windsor protocol stated Kate Middleton’s position on the list, as she is a former commoner , that she must show reverence by curtseying to royal born in public and private when her husband is not present.

On the other hand, the Countess of Wessex must still curtsey to the Duchess of Cambridge. Sophie, married to Prince Edward, was once the highest ranking female in the Royal Family, as a result of neither of the Queens other sons Prince Charles and Prince Andrew being married. Since Charles and Camilla married, Sophie has been pushed down the list once again.

After Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005, Sophie was told she must curtsey to the Duchess of Cornwall. However, with the new Order of Precedent, the Countess of Wessex is now also expected to curtsey to the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William, according to sources, is believed that is not pleased with the new announcement about his future Queen.

However many sources believe that the protocol causes no concern for Kate Middleton as everyone is aware, Kate is eager to please everyone, particularly The Queen.



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