All you need to know about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge

Not a ‘State’ Occassion?

Dec 2010

The UK Daily mail newspaper has hinted that the Royal Wedding of Prince William and kate Middleton is not being considered as a state occassion. This because Prince William is not yet technically heir to the throne. The information from their source who is apparently a “senior courtier” is that the guest lists of 2000 people is being filled by “commoners” and people who work for Prince William in his charity organisation.
The big news in this revelation is that the likes of President Obama and his wife are for now excluded from the party list though according to the daily mail source, “the list may still change”. However, the same source is claimed to have said that President Sarkozy and his wife are likely to be invited.
The Royal Wedding is definately set out to be an astounding event – in many ways. Lets watch to see how this beautiful drama continues to unfold.



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