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Prince Williams 30th Birthday

Jun 2012

Prince William turned 30 on June 21st. The second in line, celebrated his birthday by a ‘low-key’ dinner party with about 12 close people at a rented cottage in North Wales.

Before dining, his 30-year old wife Kate planned for Prince William to be pulled behind a boat on a ‘doughnut’.

Despite been busy on a course for his career as a RAF search and rescue pilot, William has managed to take time out to celebrate reaching his 30th birthday.

The Duchess of Cambridge said she had planned the activity for William a few weeks before, as she thought it was going to be ‘summery’. However, despite the weather being heavy rain and strong winds on the sea of North Wales, William still went ahead with the activity.

It is reported that Prince William ‘roared with laughter’ as he was dragged through the waves at a fast speed, whilst his wife, Prince Harry and other close friends watched on in delight.

After the activity, the small party went back to the cottage and dined together.

To mark the Duke of Cambridge’s birthday, he also became the face of four different Jersey stamps. The four photos that mark the Jersey stamps are of Prince William wearing Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Irish Guards and British Army uniforms.

Jersey Post said, ‘With so much emphasis on The Queens Jubilee this year, we felt that it was important to celebrate this milestone birthday.’

Prince William also gained many gifts, one of which was knighthood which was given to him from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Another gift that was handed to William was an entitlement to around £10 million, which was left by his late mother Princess Diana. William became entitled to the inheritance once he turned 30, Harry will also gain his inheritance when he turns 30 in September, 2014.

The inheritance came when Princess Diana passed away and left the net estate to her children Prince William and Prince Harry, which has money from dresses, jewellery, stocks and shares and money from her divorce.

Prince William has also recently celebrated his first year wedding anniversary with his wife Kate Middleton. They married in April 2011 and after 12 months the future King and Queen are still smiling.  They have spent their first year making a large amount of public appearances. With William in Falklands, Kate has been busy attending events such as charity activities by herself, helping her get used to the public eye.

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