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The Duchess at the Paralympics

Sep 2012

After joining Queen Elizabeth at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, Kate  Middleton has been spotted at numerous events across the Paralympics. Over 1 Billion viewers tuned in to watched the ceremony. The Duchess wore  a beautiful cream dress coat to the historical opening ceremony, which was designed by Scandinavian fashion brand DAY Birger et Mikkelsen.

The Olympic ambassador, Kate Middleton, has really been getting stuck into the London 2012 Paralympics by attending as many events as possible. The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted taking part in a Mexican wave, and is constantly cheering on the fantastic British Athletes.

Kate has been seen as a ‘golden girl’ or an ‘Olympic mascot’ as it is claimed that she ‘brings luck’ to TeamGB’s athletes.

Kate also got the chance to award British Gold medallist, Aled Reid, his medal. The Duchess of Cambridge had been invited to award two medals, and it was just a ‘happy coincidence’ that she handed Mr Reid his medal.

Reid declared himself the ‘happiest man in the world’ after receiving his medal from the Duchess. Aled Reid had already received a bronze medal for his performance in the Shot Put event.

With the London 2012 Paralympic Games only halfway through, TeamGB have a jaw-dropping 95 medals, 26 of those being Gold!

Kate was also spotted cheering on TeamGB at the rowing event with Lady Louise. The Duchess and Lady were together at  the Paralympic event, which is located just outside of London. Lady Louise, Prince Williams nine year old cousin, daughter of Prince Edward, was also one of the attendants at the Duke and Duchess Royal Wedding back in April 2011

It is thought that the Royal Couple will visit he athletes at the London 2012 Games village before they go on their tour. William and Kate have agreed to represent the Queen on a Diamond Jubilee tour to the south of Asia which begins on September 9th.

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