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The Kate Middleton Effect

Feb 2012

Fashion houses and high street retailers alike are reaping the rewards of the so called ‘Kate Middleton Effect’.

The Duchess, who is listed on the ‘Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List’, is attracting a serious following when it comes to copy-cat fashion.

Ever since Kate caught the eye of the Prince at a University charity fashion show, when she famously modelled that ‘see-through’ dress, which later sold at auction for a remarkable £78,000, whatever Kate wears sells.

Whether it’s a Burberry trench coat, an Issa Dress or an outfit from Reiss … Kate has a magical influence on sales.

Only last week the bird-print ‘Orla Kiely’ dress that Kate wore on a visit to Oxford, sold out in minutes, and on Valentine’s Day, stocks of the half-price coat from ‘Hobbs’ that Kate wore while visiting charities in Liverpool were soon depleted.

But it’s not just the fashion houses that are benefitting from whatever Kate wears.  The public in general is learning a lesson-or-two from The Duchess of Cambridge about recycling their wardrobes.

Followers of Kate’s fashion will have no doubt soon discovered that the black polo-neck jumper dress from high street store ‘Oasis’ that The Duchess wore underneath her ‘Hobbs’ coat this month, was from a past, past-season and no longer available in the stores.

Whether Kate is determined to set an example of ‘thrift’ or sustainability when it comes to clothes, or whether she deliberately dresses down on occasions, so that the purpose of her work is not overshadowed, we cannot be sure … but whatever the message Kate Middleton is winning admirers the world over.

Image: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at a charity event for Absolute Return for Kids, ARK, in London, on 9 June 2011. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)



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