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Topshop Princess

Mar 2013

Kate Middleton was recently spotted buying a maternity dress from Topshop for a meagre £37, and Luxe Models couldn’t be happier about it. The Duchess of Cambridge, in this humble-for-royalty purchase, demonstrates to the world that high street fashion is not just there to cater to those who can’t afford high-end. This baby-buy from Kate gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Topshop Princess”. After hitting the catwalks with Topshop Unique in London Fashion week, and now clothing a royal baby bump, Topshop can well and truly be proud of the manner in which it has cracked the world of high-fashion.

Blurring the boundaries between high street and high-end is something that has been attempted time and time again over the past few years by high street brands, but no one has quite achieved such phenomenal status like Topshop has.

On the other side of this fashion-come-royal story is the nature in which we can now view Kate Middleton in. For us, here at London-based Luxe Models, it brings the lovely Kate just a little further down to Earth. We can relate to her even more now, as she seems increasingly like the girls we work with every day; fashion is fashion regardless of cost or label; we bet she likes scouting out pretty little Topshop numbers like this just as much as the next girl.

Now to important matters: which Topshop item was good enough for royalty? (Literally – ahem). US Weekly tells us that the dress Kate picked was a “Deirdre dress, a delicate spring sheath with a mandarin collar, a cross-over neckline, and an elasticized waist” (elasticised being the key element, we presume!).

It’s really refreshing to see this shift in Royal nature; the gap between us, the public, and the likes of royalty shrinks a little more through the ever-powerful medium that is Topshop! Of course, when the Queen herself steps out sporting a classic Topshop frill, we’ll know times really are a-changing.



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