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Watching from Helmand with Pride

Apr 2011

Troops serving with 4th Battalion The Scottish Regiment in Lashkar Gar. Operations dependent, they will be celebrating the Royal Wedding on the 29 April.

British troops serving in Helmand Province, Afghanistan will be celebrating the Royal Wedding by holding a reception at their Main Operating Base in Lashkar Gar.


The dusty, daub setting will be transformed to recreate the street parties that will be held back at home.  Music will be provided by the Royal Marine Band and, cakes by families of those serving!


Captain Al Macpherson of the 4th Battalion, The Scottich Regiment in Lashkar Gar commented: ‘The Royal Wedding is one of those seminal events that we will remember forever.  We’ll be watching from Helmand with pride.  Good luck Wills and Kate’.


TheRoyalWeddingWilliamKate website would like to express heartfelt support for the troops in Helmand and, is delighted to send a Royal Wedding Street Party Pack to help them to celebrate in true Brit style!




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