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Who will cover the wedding?

Dec 2010

With the royal wedding date now set for 29th April 2011, media houses would definately be in a frenzy to put up a good coverage of the event. Camera crews will definately be falling over each other to get a vantage positions at Westminster Abbey, Bukingham Palace and the streets in between. The event is definately one to bid for and I am sure we only have to wait a while to know who will be the official broadcasters.

One BBC viewer comemted “I’m hoping the ceremony will be televised as I have never seen a royal ceremony as I was only born in 1979.”  With only a hundred golden tickets to be issued, the rest of us will have to sit close to the tv sets and hope to get a good view of the bride at least.

No doubt the scramble is on and BSkyB would consider broadcasting it in 3D if they won the rights! Fancy that!



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