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William and Kate Bring in Foreign Property Investors

Feb 2014

According to recent figures released from Frank Knight, London is still very much a focus for foreign property investors.  With a new heir to the throne and a wedding that hasn’t left everyone’s minds yet, London has seen an influx of investors from all over the world, particularly Hong Kong and China.

Chinese real-estate investors made a name for themselves abroad in 2013, picking up big-ticket projects from New York to London, and that momentum is poised to pick up this year.

Ian Brand, Director of Direct Property Group, based in Hong Kong comments

“Chinese outbound commercial real-estate investment is estimated to exceed $10 billion this year, in 2012’s it was $3.3 billion, according to data from Jones Lang LaSalle”

“Hong Kong is still a key market for the Chinese, but trends in property investment are showing that the prime property locations in 2014 to be; Dubai, Shanghai, New York, London, Tokyo, Bangkok, Nairobi, Sydney and Monaco.”

Brand continues “the recent economic environment has resulted in buyers being driven to safer locations where cities are seen to be more sheltered from economic unrest”

The Frank Knight LLP survey also revealed that cities with perceived “world class” universities and schools were attractive to foreign investment.

Looks like due to London’s steady property prices, world-class universities and many foreign and royal diplomats taking residence in our vibrant capital city – our Royal family are helping with investment into the UK.



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